Class start date: April, the 21st, 2016

The expansion of management in the public and private sectors has been remarkable. In the short- and medium-term this trend will continue, compelling the search for leaders who can meet the challenges we face today in this new era in Peru and Latin America.

The design, management and evaluation of social programs and projects have been undertaken in recent years by professionals from different disciplines in the country, but this work has not been recognized as an interdisciplinary field with its own body of knowledge. This has obvious implications, since informal training received by the project designer, manager and/or evaluator only permits fragmented development of skills. Different sectors of the government, such as the regional and local governments are facing a new era in which increased social investment is necessary for the country’s sustainable development. Thus, there is a greater need to develop and manage feasible social programs and projects which really benefit the population, demanding skilled professionals which know how to use modern social management tools, with an integrative economic, political and social perspective.

UPCH, characterized by its extensive experience in the field of public health and health service management, and the experience of having trained twelve generations of social administrators, offers this high-quality graduate Master’s Program, providing an essential training program in Peru.

This program is given in Spanish.


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