Ada Pastor Goyzueta

Experience working as a doctor for thirty-four years, assuming responsibilities for the provision of health services, as well as the design and implementation of health policies. He has served in different organizations Health System Peru: Social Security Peru (EsSalud) as a doctor of Internal Medicine, Hospital Director, Program Director of Promotion and Health Prevention, and as Manager Central Benefits Health latter responsibility twice in the last fifteen years. Last work experience through February 2015 as Central Manager Health EsSalud. Experience more than 12 years working in international cooperation programs as part of the technical staff, as assistant director and project manager, with possible support in facilitating processes of modernization and reform of the health sector.

In the Ministry of Health he has also served as Director General of the Directorate General of Health of the People. In the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, he has been CEO and then Chairman of the Health System of the Municipality through the Metropolitan System of Solidarity (SISOL).

Throughout his career he has demonstrated knowledge in policies and programs related to the health sector and has also shown resilience to take responsibility, both in the public and private sector processes. As a result it is possible to have experience in the practice of the medical profession, both in the healthcare field and in administration and management. It has a responsible performance in program design, coordination and supervision of work. Evaluated as good team leader and important skills for communication and consensus building.