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Workshop Analysis of the Canadian System of Innovation and Systems Innovation in General


The widest definition of innovation comprises the invention or development of new products, processes and services as well as their application, adaptation and diffusion into the marketplace. Means of diffusion include individuals, companies and universities. These users and producers of innovation are part of any innovation system, which also includes governments as facilitators and regulators.

In this three-day course the Canadian innovation system will be analyzed and explored, especially public policies and the role of research networks in the canadian federation. Also, issues regarding quantitative measures of ST+I, particularly in a emerging economy will be discussed among several others. 


Esta Dirigido a:


  • Profesionales de la Gran Empresa y PyMES.
  • Directivos y miembros de equipos técnicos de formulación de proyectos y programas de Ministerios, Gobiernos Regionales, Municipios, Autoridades Autónomas, proyectos especiales, comisiones asesoras y consultivas sectoriales o interministeriales, entre otros.
  • Profesionales de ONGs y de Instituciones de Cooperación Internacional.
  • Profesionales del sector financiero público y privado.
  • Profesionales con experiencia laboral en servicios de salud pública o privada, en particular en el desempeño de funciones directivas.
  • Otros profesionales con interés en la investigación académica en áreas teóricas vinculadas con la gestión de la innovación, la ciencia y la tecnología.

Cronograma de Actvidades

Thursday, September 1

18:00 – 18:45   Lecture 1:

Introduction to Systems of Innovation

  • Course outline
  • Input and expectations from participants
  • R&D, S&T and innovation
  • Innovation: economic and social views
  • The theory of systems of innovation
  • The Canadian system of innovation
  • The role of industrial clusters in the analysis of innovation systems 

18:45 – 19:30   Lecture 2

Canadian Government S&T and Innovation Policies 

  • A short introduction to Canada
  • Canadian S&T policy
  • Canadian S&T policy instruments, and initiatives
  • Provincial versus federal S&T policies
  • The role of research networks in a federation




20:00 – 20:45  Lecture 3

Indicators of Innovation



  • Definitions of R&D, S&T and innovation
  • The concept of indicators of science, technology and innovation (STI) activities
  • The limitations of STI indicators in policy analysis
  • Examples of indicators of the performance of systems of innovation
  • Bibliometrics, patents and licences
  • Quanta of innovation

20:45 – 21:30  Lecture 4

Quantitative measures of STI, particularly in an emerging economy

  • Quantitative issues in measuring STI activities
  • Structures and organization of STI data collection
  • Resources for the collection of STI data and indicators
  • Best practices for the collection of STI data and indicators
  • the UIS/UNESCO project

Friday, September 2

18:00 – 18:45  Lecture 5
Regional and local systems of innovation

  • Regional systems of innovation
  • Local systems of innovation
  • Innovation systems in Canadian regions
  • Policy implications for regional and local administrations
  • Human capital and sticky labour markets

18:45 – 19:30   Lecture 6

Clusters and regional systems of innovation

  • What is a cluster?
  • The life cycle of a cluster
  • Regional and local systems of innovation
  • Cooke’s template
  • Analysis of regional innovation systems     


20:00 – 20:45    Lecture 7

Evaluation of systems of innovation


  • Introduction to analytical methods for evaluation of systems of innovation and STI networks
  • Application of these evaluations to different national economies
  • Application of STI research findings to the Government's policy role
  • The Canadian S&T project evaluation system
  • Example : Genetically modified grains



20:45 – 21:30  Lecture 8

Case Studies

  • Case studies of policy problems requiring indicator analysis: for example: ( other cases will be established through discussion with the course participants)
  1. Spin-off companies in universities
  2. Gender issues in innovation studies
Saturday, September 3

09:00 – 09:45  Lecture 9
  • Formal Research Networks
    The role of formal research networks in innovation
  • the structure and evolution of formal research networks
  • the role of stakeholders
  • Actor-network theory
  • Evaluation of formal research networks
09:45 – 10:30  Lecture 10

STI in non-manufacturing economies 


  • Problems with innovation studies in non-manufacturing regions
  • Innovation in non-manufacturing economies
  • Application of STI indicators to emerging economies
  • The role of human resources for S&T 
  • The role of expatriates and repatriates



11:00 – 11:45 Lecture 11

Life on the Pacific Rim 

  • One and two dimensional systems of innovation; Atlantic vs. Pacific
  • Transportation: ports and airports
    Resources, manufacturing and services
  • The role of culture 

11:45 – 12:30   Lecture 12
The ISRN project 

  • Selection of clusters
  • Canadian clusters: necessary conditions
  • Canadian clusters: sufficient conditions
  • The catastrophe test


13:30 – 14:15    Lecture 13
Case studies of innovative Canadian clusters

  • Saskatoon : Agrifood
  • Montreal : Aerospace and others
  • Calgary : Oil and geomatics
  • National comparisons : biotech in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal
  • International comparisons: salmon farming, automobiles

14:15 – 15:00  Lecture 14


  • Assignment format
  • Selection of assignment topics
  • Schedule


15:30 – 16:15   Lecture 15


  • Review and Discussion
  • Policy implications

Schedule :  Visit to Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

Monday Aug. 29: depart Vancouver and Toronto AC 080
Tuesday Aug. 30: arrive Lima 00:25
Wednesday Aug. 31: meet mayor of Lima, (Sra. Susana Villaran), 18:00
Thursday Sept. 1; classes 18:00 – 21:30
Friday Sept. 2: departmental seminar, 12:00 ; classes 18:00 – 21:30
Saturday Sept. 3: classes 09:00 – 16:15
Sunday Sept. 4
Monday Sept. 5

Tuesday Sept. 6  Major seminar
Wednesday Sept. 7 to airport 23:00
Thursday Sept. 8 depart Lima 01:55, AC 081, arrive Toronto 11:00



J. Adam Holbrook, P.Eng.

Adjunct Professor and Associate Director,
Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology,
Simon Fraser University,
515 West Hastings St.,
Vancouver, BC,
Canada V6B 5K3

(Home Address: Box V 68, Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada V0N 1G0)


1995 present:

Associate Director, Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology (CPROST), and Adjunct Professor, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University

1986 -1995:

Senior Policy Advisor, Science Strategy Branch, Industry Canada and Manager, S&T Economic Analysis Division, (formerly the S&T Data Intelligence Branch, Ministry of State for Science and Technology); responsible for advice, evaluation and analysis on federal S&T expenditures, S&T economic policy, and S&T and innovation performance measurement to senior management and Ministers.

1975 - 1985

Program Analyst, Program Branch, Treasury Board Secretariat: responsible for advice, evaluation and analysis for the following portfolios: Science and Technology (including the National Research Council and NSERC), Transport (marine), the Canadian International Development Agency (bilateral, including IDRC), and Communications.

1969 - 1974

Engineering Manager, Satellite Control Centre, Telesat Canada, responsible for the design, construction and launch operations of the first Telesat Canada satellite control centre.


B.Sc. (honours) Physics, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1966
M.Sc., Physics, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, 1968
B.A.Sc. (cum laude), Electrical Engineering, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario 1974

Public Service Commission, Career Assignment Program, 1974
Public Service Commission, French language proficiency, 1975

Professional Engineer, registered in Ontario and British Columbia

Courses Taught

Communications 438/851 (Special Projects), 1997, 1999,2000, 2001, 2002, 2004
Communications 438/801 and 362 (Research Methods), 2003 (spring), 2003 (fall), 2004 (summer), 2005 (summer)
Communications 480 Directed Readings , 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004
Communications 487/857; 488/858: S&T Policy, 2006, 2007
Communications 497/498 Undergraduate student theses

Member of supervisory committees for M.A. and Ph.D students in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University and external examiner for theses at the University of British Columbia.

Director, Leonardo Institute (program for Applied Sciences PhD candidates), 2005, 2006, 2007

Delegations and Committee Appointments

  • Innovation Systems Research Network (SSHRC/NSERC) , member, steering committee, and western Canada sub-network leader 2001 - present
  • Statistics Canada, member, Advisory Committee on S&T Statistics, 1992   1999
  • Industry Canada, member, Canadian delegation, APEC working group on industry, science and technology, Vancouver 1997
  • Industry Canada, head of Canadian delegation, OECD Conference on S&T Indicators, and member of the editorial board for the 1991 revisions of the "Frascati Manual", Rome, 1991
  • Industry Canada, member, OECD Committee of National Experts on S&T Indicators 1986 - 1993
  • Natural Resources Canada, member, Canadian delegation, UN Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy, Nairobi, Kenya, 1982
  • Treasury Board Secretariat, chairman, study on government space programs and their effect on the Canadian aerospace industry, 1977
  • Canada Centre for Sustainable Communities, director, 2004

Peer Reviewing and Editing Activities

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council: grant application referee for S&T policy, innovation research and management of technology proposals
  • Science and Public Policy, Research Evaluation, and Canadian Journal of Sociology : Referee for articles submitted.
  • Research Evaluation, guest editor, special number on S&T indicators and their policy implications in Iberoamerica, Vol 6.,#3, 1996
  • Science and Public Policy, guest editor, special numbers on S&T indicators and their policy implications, Vol 19,#5 and #6, 1992
  • Aid to Scholarly Publications Programme, referee for the of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and the Social Science Federation of Canada

Major Research and Teaching Grants

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council: regional network director and principal co-investigator, Innovation Systems Research Network study on "The role of local and regional industrial clusters in Canada", grant #412-2000-1002; 2000-2005, and grant #412-2005-1001, 2006 - 2011
  • Canadian Water Network (NCE): co-investigator, "Applications and Barriers to Innovation in Use of Advanced Oxidation Processes" , 2001- 2004
  • CANARIE/ANAST: co-investigator: "High-speed Internet video-conferencing for research networks", 2001- 2002
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council: Network leader and principal investigator, InnoCom (now the Western Canada sub network for the national Innovation Systems Research Network), grant # 822-98-0005, 1998 - 2001
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council: Principal investigator, "Reanalysis of innovation survey data from the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan", SFU/SSHRC small research grant., 1998 - 99
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council: Principal investigator, "Measurement of innovation in firms and regional clusters in BC", grant # 809-97-0012, 1997-98
  • UNESCO: First holder, UNESCO Chair on S&T Indicators, National University of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1997
  • Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada: " Studies for a Canadian S&T Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region", 1996
  • Organization of American States: Lecturer: OAS/RICYT Symposia on S&T and Innovation Indicators:
    • Cartagena (Colombia) and Sao Paulo (Brazil), 1996;
    • Santiago (Chile), Mar del Plata (Argentina) and Port of Spain (Trinidad), 1997;
    • Medellin (Colombia), Kingston (Jamaica), and La Cumbre (Argentina), 1998;
    • Port-of-Spain (Trinidad) and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), 1999

Major Research and Policy Advice Contracts

Government of Canada

  • Canada Foundation for Innovation (with SPR Associates) "Evaluation of the New Opportunities Fund Program" , 2007
  • Industry Canada, "An Analysis of the Classification of Government R&D Funding", 2007
  • National Research Council (with SPR Associates) "Delphi Survey of Emerging Technologies and Sectors" , 2006
  • National Research Council (with Hickling Arthurs Low), " Studies of NRC Technology Cluster Initiatives", 2005
  • Canadian Association of Graduate Studies, "Policies of Innovation", Toronto, 2005
  • Council of S&T Advisors, "The Changing Conduct and Management of S&T", 2005
  • National Research Council /Western Economic Diversification (with Hickling Arthurs Low), "Baseline Study of NRC Technology Cluster Initiatives", 2005
  • Western Economic Diversification (with Hickling Arthurs Low), " Evaluation of the International Trade Personnel and First Jobs in S&T Programs", 2004
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation (with Bruce P. Clayman), "Linkage of Clusters to Research Funding", 2003, (CPROST Report 04-06)
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation (with Bruce P. Clayman), "The Survival of University Spin-offs and Their Relevance to Regional Development", 2003 (CPROST Report 04-03)
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (with Hickling Arthurs Low) "Evaluation of the Research Grants Program", 2002
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (with Hickling Arthurs Low) "Mid-term Evaluation of the Canada Research Chairs Program", 2002
  • Western Economic Diversification Canada "R&D Expenditures in Western Canada", 2000
  • Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee on S&T: "An inventory of policies and programs relating to Highly Qualified Personnel", 1999 (CPROST Report 99-03)
  • Statistics Canada: "Comparison of the 1996 Survey of Innovation in the Services Sector and CPROST Surveys of Innovation", 1999 (CPROST Report 99-04)
  • PRECARN: "The Measurement of Pre-competitive Research Activity in Canada", 1998
  • International Development Research Centre:, "Measuring Progress: Performance Indicators for Regional Systems of Innovation", IDRC Workshop "Strengthening Innovation Systems", Toronto, 1997 (CPROST Report 97-05)
  • Industry Canada: "Canada’s Trade in the Pacific Rim, a concept paper for APEC/WGIST". 1997 (CPROST Report 97-01)
  • Statistics Canada: "Survey of Innovation in Enterprises in BC", 1997 (CPROST Report 97-03)
  • Industry Canada: "Canadians’ Knowledge of S&T and S&T Policy Issues" 1995 (CPROST Report 95-10)
  • Industry Canada: Discussant and Rapporteur, Industry Canada Symposium on
  • "Measuring Trade in High Technology Products", Ottawa, October 1995, (CPROST Report 95-11)

Province of British Columbia and Municipal Governments

  • Ministry of Economic Development (with Bruce P. Clayman) "Asset Map of the New Media Sector", 2007
  • District of North Vancouver "An Analysis of Industrial Clusters in the District of North Vancouver", 2007
  • Leading Edge BC (with the Canada Institute for Market Information), "Bibliography, metrics and analyses of high-tech clusters in the Lower Mainland", 2004
  • City of Burnaby "An Analysis of Industrial Clusters in the City of Burnaby", 2004, (CPROST Report 04-07)
  • Science Council of BC: "Innovation Studies in BC" , 1999
  • Science Council of BC: Workshop on "S&T Indicators and Benchmarks for a Small Economy", 1996 (CPROST Report 96-05)


  • Albania/UNESCO: Member, UNESCO/UNDP S&T mission to Albania, 1996 (CPROST Report 96-08)
  • Argentina/UNDP: Member, external evaluation review panel for the Instituto Nacional de Tecnolgia Industrial of Argentina, 1999
  • Australia, Australian Research Council, consultant, evaluation of research sponsored by granting councils in Canada, 1998 (see J.A.D.Holbrook, "Evaluation of Research Sponsored by Federal Granting Councils in Canada: The Social Contract", Research Evaluation, Vol. 8, #1, pp 31 - 40, 2000)
  • Chile/Uruguay guest speaker Santiago and Valdivia, Chile, and Montevideo, Uruguay, 2007, International Development Research Centre, with Foreign Affairs Canada
  • China: Seminar leader on S&T performance indicators, State S&T Commission of China, Beijing; guest lecturer , Tsinghua University (Beijing), 1992
  • Colombia Observatorio de Ciencia y Tecnologia, member, Supervisory Committee, (COLCIENCIAS, Colombia) 2000 - 2002
  • European Union (with SSHRC), Are Intellectual Property Rights Quanta of Innovation?, Conference on Intellectual Property Rights and IP Policies, Florence, Italy, 2005
  • Indonesia/CIDA: Advisor to BAPPENAS Deputy IV for S&T Policy and Planning, CIDA/Indonesia Development Planning Project, 1998-99
  • Korea: Invited expert on innovation in regional development and the role of government laboratories, Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute, Seoul and Taejon, 2000; Korean Institute for S&T Evaluation and Planning, Seoul, 2003, 2006; Korean Research Institute for Huma Settlements, Anyang, 2003, Daegu, 2005; Pusan National University 2006
  • Mexico: Invited speaker: Seminar on Innovation and Clusters, Unversidad de Guadelajara, December 2004; invited speaker, Symposium on Regional and Bi-national Partnership  for Global Competitiveness , Monterrey, Neuvo Leon, June 2004; seminar leader on R&D tax credit programs, House of Representatives and Senate of the Government of Mexico, Mexico City, 2000 Mexico: Seminar leader on R&D tax credit programs, House of Representatives and Senate of the Government of Mexico, Mexico City, 2000
  • Sri Lanka: Study of the S&T Management Information System for the National Science Foundation, funded by the Asian Development Bank as part of the S&T Personnel Development Project for Sri Lanka, 2004; Study on Expatriate Scientists and Engineers, National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka for the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2005
  • UNESCO: Invited speaker, South Asian Workshop on S&T Indicators, New Delhi, India, 2005
  • United States of America , National Science Foundation, member, international panel of experts on research evaluation in the United States , Washington, DC, 2001 (see S.E.Cozzens, "Research assessment: what’s next?", Research Evaluation, Vol. 11, #2, pp 65 - 80, August 2002)

Refereed and Invited Publications


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